Welcome to The Chart Technician.

I will be analysing various financial instruments using a VISUAL APPROACH, i.e. TECHNICAL ANALYSIS. These will include Stocks, Indices, Commodities, Bonds, ETFs, Forex, and Futures. My analysis won’t be limited to only those, but also for any other financial instrument of interest.

ASX listed equities and ETFs would be my main focus. But I will also cover SP500, NASDAQ, NYSE and Russell 2000 from US, Chinese SHANGHAI STOCK EXCHANGE (SSEC), Japanese NIKKEI as well as other International financial markets from time to time. I will also be looking at the correlation between ASX and other major indices like SP500 and SSEC. As a commodity producer and an exporter nation, my focus would also be on soft as well as hard commodity producers/exporters listed on ASX. I will provide Technical Analysis on likes, BHP and RIO, and look at their seasonality pattern behaviour.

In order to understand the analysis provided a basic chart reading/understanding is essential. For that, I highly recommend “Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets” by John J. Murphy as a minimum reading. In regards to the ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), again the book by the same great author “Trading Intermarket Analysis” would be very beneficial. A visit to the related ETF providers Websites would also be a great way to learn/understand the ETFs.

IShares, Betashares, Market Vectors on their Australian websites and SPDR.com.au would have a list of ETFs, which are listed on ASX, as well as vast amount of information in relation to each ETF.

I will analyse each instrument of interest, using various Technical Analysis methods, which would be a great educational experience for all of us.

Of course, there are lots of other valuable material on Technical Analysis and no doubt it will be like opening a “can of worms” once involved in TA. But, one thing which I have learnt, is the KIS (Keep it Simple) factor during my studies of TA, through Kaplan Higher Education. The Technical Analysis course offered by Kaplan in conjunction with ATAA (Australian Technical Analysis Association) is for those of you, wanting to learn and apply TA at a higher level.

We will all keep learning and educating ourselves as we go along, in this interesting path of visual analysis.

The analysis which I provide, is not in any way a recommendation for a “BUY”, “SELL” or “SHORT SELL”. It is intended for educational purposes only. Although I am a holder of Diploma in Financial Planning, I am not licensed, nor am I an authorised representative of a licensee to engage in giving any financial advice. For those of you, wanting to invest or trade in any of the instrument/instruments covered, I recommend that you seek a professional advice from a licensed adviser.

My aim, as an IFTA qualified Technical Analyst, is to help improve chart reading/understanding and its application.

Membership is free for anyone who wishes to join.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any queries or suggestions.

Happy Charting!

Kazim Agaoglu

CFTe IFTA, Diploma TA (ATAA).

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