AN UPDATE ON IVC & BEN EOD 21/07/2015.

ivctargetsWhere from here with IVC and BEN ?

As you would all know moving averages may be used to define a trend. A 20 period SMA in the case with both IVC & BEN may be employed. If and when we see a close below this 20 period SMA on DAILY CHARTS that may be our signal that the uptrend of late may be taking a break,giving way to a TR ( trading range) or reversing.

In other words it is like seeing a close below a 20 day average of the price action if and when occurs. It may be used as a short-medium term trend indicator. 10 period SMA may give us too many whipsaws at times and 50 period may not be suitable for our time horizon in analysis. Whereas 250 is for long term trend following. Experiment with 20 on your charting software.

But with IVC, I  now have a WYCKOFF H/C price objective of  $14.54 which is approx. 3% above the price objective of our INVERSE H&S pattern.  Average of both is @ $14.22.

I will review all the others and make a further post tomorrow.


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