We are hugging the RESISTANCE ZONE with XJO with indecisive candle . A BREAKOUT or a REJECTION ?


MNY Weekly chart below in order to see our position in the trend. Prior MAJOR BREAKOUT in test acting as SUPPORT, with the daily BREAKDOWN of today. A bearish development. If the breakdown of today on daily TF is genuine, a follow through is expected. Lets see if that may be the case.


ANZ daily chart below. Can we see the scout boy crossing the creek with a mini breakout within the pattern? Level highlighted with red over a dashed blue resistance line.Zone of support is the one to watch to the downside.

anzdaily updatetct


FXJ daily chart with a breakout on hand. Will we see a follow through to confirm it ?




BLD WEEKLY CHART overbought after the recent run with no price resistance pending ( I don’t consider 2008 top as resistance), testing the resistance line of the up trending channel.


IMF daily chart. Have the scout boy crossed the creek with this min I breakout within the pattern ? A follow through would add extra weight to this.



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