PPT Wyckoff Method of Analysis applied 17/12/2015.

We have touched base to PPT at an earlier post/posts.Now, revisiting it’s potential re accumulation phase with a potential WYCKOFF REACCUMULATION SPRING/SHAKEOUT on hand yesterday (16/12/2015).

These guys (PPT) are the C.O ( Composite Operator,Smart Money ) as Mr Wyckoff would call them.

For those of us familiar with WYCKOFF SPRINGS/SHAKEOUTS please look at the two lows marked with $43.01 & $42.94 on the chart. Is that telling us something ? Are we seeing another one of those PIVOTS where we expected to see a SPRING/SHAKEOUT with PPT ?

What would RDW do, if he was analysing this PPT Daily Chart ?

At our next meeting here in Melbourne on the 4th of Jan., we will examine RE ACCUMULATION of Wyckoff Method.




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