SGH Where From Here ? EOD 20/11/2015

Accumulation or a Re Distribution with SGH ?

Motives of the C.O ( Composite Operator ) as RDW would call them, is make sure that all the weak holders are shaken out of an instrument (ETF, Stock) before they can mark it up again.

After Phase A of Wyckoff accumulation, in Phase B, price swings are wide with an above average volume. It is during this phase that we continue our stalking unless we are a skilled/seasoned short term Wyckoffian Trader who can read the motives of the C.O ( fund managers, large holders) through his/her charts. Phase B, is best if avoided for an investor if Wyckoff Method is followed. Skilled trader only in PHASE B of Wyckoff .

The actions of the C.O is to accumulate at low of the range and distribute at the top of the range until they accomplish their mission of accumulating the desired parcel.

In phase C of accumulation,  a likely SPRING/SHAKEOUT may happen, in order to eliminate the last lot of the remaining weak holders.  With SGH, that may be unfolding over  the coming days/weeks . A definite accumulation one may ask ? No, the answer is. This is a probability game not certainty. But for SGH to be considered in a MAJOR BULL RUN again, I would like to see SGH trade above $4.00 and maintain that level as a support if and when it is reclaimed.

Check the ZONE marked with A & B  which is a SUPPORT for further clues as to what may be unfolding next, as well as the dashed Red Down Trend line . Will we see a SPRING ? I would love to see one, but not necessarily that we will have one.

Is the LOW VOLUME SPRING on the horizon with SGH  I keep asking myself ?



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