Tentative Price Objective/Target Calculations Using P&F Charts 31/08/2015.

At times we need to have some sort of an idea as to where the move may end. For this, we can employ P&F tentative price target calculations.

Lets start with BLD. I have calculated the current ( Last tentative price objective highlighted with Green) as well as the prior 3. As we can see, first bearish target taken from the high of $5.96 was quite accurate and slightly exceeded. After that we had the second target from the top marked as $5.80 where we did not even get anywhere near it,also the one from the top $5.68 was never met and negated.

Last and current one is taken from the most recent inverse V reversal TOP which is ACTIVE  & stands is @ $4.59 using VERTICAL/COUNT METHOD like the prior 3. Will this be met ? I wish I knew. If the current support zone is violated/broken there is a good chance that it may.


Now to CSR below.

With CSR I have taken the last two BEARISH counts. First one was a Horizontal and the last/ current one was Vertical Count. We take what is available, representing the more realistic target/price objective at the time. In the case with CSR Horizontal count did a fine job first followed by the Vertical Count second. All the calculations are on the chart. At the moment CSR may be in the process of forming a mini base and if it did, we may be able to have a bullish count on hand.


Now to SPK below.

I did not want to delete my LINE CHART STUDIES on SPK therefore it does look a little messy. But we have an ACTIVE HORIZONTAL COUNT with SPK giving us a tentative bullish price objective of $3.25, all on the chart.


Reminder, some of these targets are met, some as we know exceeded and some are not met.

Enjoy your evening.


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