Monthly TLS chart analysis. Month is not over yet which should be noted.

At times a single SMA  can tell us more than anything else. Specially if the instrument in analysis is trending. UP or DOWN.

In the case with TLS, looking at this MONTHLY CHART, ever since mid. 2011, TLS price action kept it’s head above this 12 period SMA(simple moving average)on EOM (end of month) closing basis. What an amazing trend this is. This is classical TA trend following text book style. Why bother with a Dow Theory or Elliot Wave or Gann to complicate things ?  I don’t if I am in a trend such.

We may have seen few INTRA MONTH WEEKLY whipsaws, but never a close below the SMA. What a support that this SMA has offered ever since. If and when I see an EOM close below this 12 period SMA on a monthly chart, I will then switch to a DAILY CHART for further insights. What does this tell me ? The power of operating in a time frame like monthly does eliminate lots of unnecessary analysis paralysis, which can be mentally tiring and counterproductive.

K.I.S.S Keep It Simple and Stupid, may be the way to go.

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EOW world markets analysis will follow over the weekend.

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