Uranium Seasonality Chart 05/09/2015

Last year (2014) seasonality of uranium did unfold as expected with good advance in some of the uranium producers listed on ASX.

If there is a tendency for a specific commodity to rise or fall during certain times of the year, by employing our chart reading we may be able to capture some nice moves. Does it happen all the time ? No. Like the commodity Gold Seasonality this year.

We are looking at the seasonality chart of  the Global X Uranium ETF listed in the NYSE US.

You may want to google URA ETF for further info.Because of it’s diversified holdings it may be a better proxy to represent the broader uranium producers, in theory at least.

Since inception in 2010, following is the seasonality chart of URA ETF NYSE over 6 years.

You may construct this chart at StockCharts.com if you wish by typing the ticker code URA.

According to this chart, September marks the end of worse period for URA ETF and October to Feb. are the best( both inclusive) period. Probabilities in October for a 1.2% gain is only 20% which is poor. But Feb. as well as Jan. are the highest probability months over  a 6 year period, with Jan. 6.4% and Feb.3.4%. Feb. marking the end of the bullish seasonality.

But as always, our charts must confirm what the seasonality is suggesting.

A sector which may be worthwhile having a look at over the coming several weeks leading up to Xmas purely on the basis of a short term seasonality play. We all know that the major trend for uranium is down as of this writing.


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