XAO Tentative Price Objective Update EOD 20/11/2015

Previously posted P&F chart Tentative Bullish Price Objective taken from the Low Pole has risen to 5840 after Friday’s close. Marked/written with Blue.

We now have a bearish and a bullish tentative price objectives both taken from respective high and low poles using vertical count. If we see a close @ or above 5440 that would negate the bearish count. Any close @ or below 5040 would on the other hand negate the bullish count.

There are two other bullish price objectives as well, using horizontal count method, which we touched base at one of the earlier posts not shown.

Which way ?

A bullish seasonality which we are in at present is on the side of the bulls, which will be in effect until April 2015, may well help the bulls.

Chart is courtesy of StockCharts.com



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